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Sample Calls

» When receiving a call from Relay North Dakota this is what you will hear:

“Hello. A person is calling you through Relay North Dakota. This is Agent or (Communications Assistant) XXXX. Have you received a relay call before?” (If yes, “One moment please for your call to begin.”) If you indicate that you have not received a relay call before you will hear, “The person on the line is using the relay service to communicate with you. The caller is typing their conversation, which will be read to you. When you hear the words ‘Go Ahead’, it will be your turn to speak. Speak directly to the caller. Everything that is heard will be typed to them. One moment for your call to begin.”

» You may also hear the following:

“The person who is calling will be speaking directly to you. When he/she says the phrase, “Go Ahead,” that indicates that they are done speaking and are ready for you to respond. When you talk, the agent will be typing everything heard back to the caller. One moment for your call to begin.”

“The person who is calling you can hear but does not speak. You will be able to speak directly to the caller and they will be able to hear your message. When you are finished speaking, please say the words “Go Ahead” and that will inform the caller that it is their turn to respond. They will type their response, which will be read to you. One moment for your call to begin.”

» To use Relay North Dakota:

  1. Dial,
  2. Ask the Relay Operator to dial the area code and telephone number being called,
  3. The Operator will type spoken words to the TTY user and read/voice my typed words from the TTY user back to the standard phone user,
  4. Speak slowly and DIRECTLY TO THE PERSON YOU HAVE CALLED, not to the Relay Operator,
  5. Remember to say, "Go Ahead," (GA), each time you finish your part of the conversation so the other person can respond to you.


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