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Sprint Relay Customer Service

» Relay North Dakota Customer Database Profile (10kb pdf)

Dear Relay North Dakota user,

It is highly recommended that you use the database only with your home phone line. The database may not work properly on business lines or pressing 8 or 9 before the dial out number, because the number you are calling from is not always the same number that the Relay receives. (PBX environments)

Remember, these instructions are only for calls placed through the Sprint Relay Service. They will not apply to direct dialed calls.

On the enclosed form, please complete the information you wish to be entered into the database using the following instructions:

» Name, Address, Phone number

  • Please use your street address, not a post office box. This could save valuable time when calling for emergency service.

» Long distance Profile

  • Intralata: For instate long distance, if the call cannot be billed by your local phone company, which long distance carrier do you prefer. Choose only one.
  • Interlata: Which long distance carrier do you prefer to bill your out of state long distance calls. Choose only one.
  • We suggest you list your preferred long distance carrier in Customer Notes.
  • Preferred Billing Method: Calls are currently charged to the number you are calling from. If you do not want your calls billed this way, please choose an option.

» Outdial Restrictions

  • Please mark on the form the restrictions you would like.
  • Long Distance: No calls will be placed through the Relay that will cost you.
  • International: Restrict all Relay calls to an international phone number.
  • Directory Assistance: Restrict all Relay calls to directory assistance.
  • Operator Assistance: Restrict all Relay calls that would require operator assistance.
  • 976 & 900 Numbers: This option is not available thru Relay. To block outgoing 900 or 976 numbers contact your local telephone company.
  • 800 Numbers: Restrict all Relay calls to toll-free 800 numbers.

» Phone Numbers Profile

  • Frequently Dialed Numbers: This will allow you to "speed dial" your calls through the Relay. Please provide the name (up to 9 letters/spaces) and the area code with the phone number. You may enter up to 10 frequently dialed numbers.
  • Emergency Numbers: This will allow you to enter up to five emergency numbers, such as fire, doctor, police, etc. Please provide the name (up to 9 letters/spaces) and the area code with complete phone number.
  • Blocked Numbers: You may enter up to five (5) telephone numbers from which you do not wish to receive Relay calls. Please provide the area code and phone number.

» Answer Type

  • This allows the Relay operator to be aware as to how you will answer the phone when Relay is calling you.

» Language Type

  • This tells the agent which language you will use when Relay calls you.

» Customer Notes

  • This tells the Relay operator of requests that you have when using the Relay service. You can have up to three notes, with 76 characters/spaces per note. If you have three notes and add a new note, the oldest note will be dropped.

» Reference Number

  • Please make special note of your Reference number, located on the bottom of your Profile form. Please write this number down and save it for future use. When you call Sprint Relay Customer Service, we will need the Reference number in order to discuss your database entries. To ensure your privacy, without the Reference number, we will communicate through the mail.

When you have completed the form, please return to:

Sprint Relay Customer Service
PO Box 29230
Shawnee Mission, KS 66201-9230

Toll free fax 1-877-877-3291

If you have any questions please call Sprint Relay Customer Service at 1-800-676-3777 V/TTY.


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