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CapTelTM (Captioned Telephone)

» CapTelTM Public Service Announcement (2.2Mb wmv)
» The CapTelTM News Release (60kb pdf)
» The CapTelTM Flyer (256kb pdf)
» The CapTelTM Order Form (32kb pdf)


Don't miss another word from friends and family again. CapTelTM provided by Sprint and developed by Ultratec, Inc. captures spoken text and displays it on your CapTelTM phone.

  • Hear and see what the other caller is saying within the text captions on the phone
  • Read the captions to see a few words you may not hear, or read the entire conversation
  • Your CapTelTM phone works like a regular voice phone too, so it's easy for everyone to use


CapTelTM delivers a bright, easy-to-read screen that captures and displays every word your caller says through the CapTelTM relay service.

  • Allows the hard-of-hearing consumer to hear and read what their caller is saying
  • Offers more natural communication
  • Reduces delays often caused by traditional relay services
  • Allows conversations to flow smoothly
  • May be used as a traditional telephone

And because it's a service offered at no cost* through participating state relay programs**, CapTelTM offers more freedom for more people than ever before.


Here's how to make a call with CapTelTM Relay Service:

  • When dialing out, simply dial the number of the person you want to call and your CapTelTM phone will automatically connect to both the captioning service and the party you wish to reach.
  • When someone wants to call you, they first dial the toll-free CapTelTM Relay Service to get access to the captioning service. Once connected, the caller then enters your phone number.

Whether it's an incoming or outgoing call, everything the caller says to you is transcribed into captions that display in a bright, easy-to-read window on your CapTelTM phone.

2-Line CapTelTM Available

2-Line CapTelTM Service is also available to Federal CapTelTM users. With 2-Line CapTelTM:

  • You can turn captions on / off at any point in the conversation
  • Callers dial your number directly (they do not have to call through the Captioning Service first) Requirements for 2-Line CapTelTM Service
  • Your state relay service must support 2-line CapTelTM (list of states that offer 2-line CapTelTM)
  • A CapTelTM telephone (Model 200)
  • Two analog telephone lines with separate telephone numbers are required in your home or office. The second line cannot merely be an extension line.

If you have questions regarding 2-line service, please contact CapTelTM Customer Service.

Note: You must configure your CapTelTM phone in order for 2-line CapTelTM service to be enabled. It will not automatically switch to 2-Line mode.

How to Obtain CapTelTM Phone:

Qualified individuals may obtain a free CapTelTM phone through Interagency Program for Assistive Technology, contact 1-800-265-4728, or use the CapTelTM Order Form (32kb pdf).

WCI, 1-800-233-9130 (V/TT) or (310) 656-4924 (V/TTY), Fax: (310) 450-9918,, email:

Free for Veterans, active or retired Federal employees, or U.S Tribal members. Go to

Contacting CapTelTM Customer Service

If you can't find the answers you need here, please feel free to call CapTelTM Customer Service:

By CapTelTM Phone, or Voice
Dial: 1 (888) 269-7477

1 (800) 482-2424

By Fax
(608) 238-3008


By Mail
Ultratec, Inc.
Attn: CapTelTM Customer Service
450 Science Drive
Madison, WI 53711

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